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Health doesn’t need to be complicated – you can open the door to your vital self with The 5 Keys To Staying Healthy. These 5 Keys are based on core principles about health and vitality that I have developed during 40 years of preventive medical practice. These principles include:

  • Focus On Staying Healthy
    • Work to improve your health consistently, not just react when you become ill.
  • How We Look and Feel Is Primarily Based On How We Live
    • Take personal responsibility! Our habits and behavior contribute to almost every health outcome we experience, for better or for worse.
  • Lifestyle First, Natural Therapies Next, Drugs or Surgery Last
    • These are the guidelines that I follow and recommend for my patients. I suggest them for you as well!

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Your health starts with you! I invite you to use these 5 Keys to identify what challenges you face in achieving optimal health. As you probe each area, you will discover that you actually have knowledge of (and command over) many important areas of your life such as what you eat, how you manage stress and whether you exercise or not. You cannot simply count on your doctors and other health practitioners to point these issues out to you.

A wonderful contribution to the evolution of our field

Elson, your NEW book is absolutely fantastic. Great title, great graphics, great positioning. Thank you for sharing. This book will make a wonderful contribution to the evolution of our field.

Jeffrey Bland PhD - President of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

You First... Take Control of Your Health

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