Detox: The Missing Link

These online courses are the synthesis of two core principles of my health and healing practice - seasonal health and regular detoxification. I have explored these subjects in detail in two of my bestselling books - Staying Healthy with the Seasons and The Detox Diet.

I Practice What I Teach

I have personally done detox and cleansing programs several times every year since 1976 when I did my first juice fast, which transformed my health. Each season I have also lead group programs at my clinic, the Preventive Health Center of Marin, in Northern California. These online programs offer you the experience I have gained over the last 40 years.

Join Me Online

I am very happy to be sharing these proven and practical healing modalities.

  • I will lead one course each season in person, featuring live webinars and Q&A.
  • There will also be an evergreen version, which you can follow at your own pace whenever you want.

My next live class will be the 2 week SPRING CLEANSE starting on April 3rd, 2019. Look for more details soon here on my website, via Facebook and in my monthly eNews.

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