Autumn Detox Online 2018

Dr. Elson Haas
written by
Dr. Elson Haas

Sep 04, 2018

with Dr. Elson Haas, the Detox Doc™
21 days to change your habits & create a plan for your long-term health


Join Dr. Haas for the Annual Autumn Online Detox/Cleanse Course
A personal and educational healing opportunity that includes 3 live online webinars.

BEGINS – Wednesday SEPTEMBER 26 at 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)
Intro, Overview, & Plan – Prepare to begin DETOX on Sept 28th or 29th

Saturday, OCTOBER 6 at 10:0 AM – 2nd live webinar
Midway progress review plus live Q&A with Dr. Haas

Wednesday, OCTOBER 17 at 5:00 PM – 3rd live webinar
Progress Update, Review of The DETOX DIET Transition and Your NEW HEALTH PLAN

TOTAL FEE for this 3-Week Course: $99 (by 9/19) then $125

Register at the Preventive Medical Center of Marin (415-472-2343)
or online HERE

To get the $99 price follow these steps once you’re at the Course welcome page:
1. Click “Buy $125”
2. Sign-up for the learning platform (if you haven’t taken another course)
3. Proceed to the “Complete Your Purchase” page
4. Look for the very small yellow words “Have a Coupon?”
5. Insert the code: autumn
6. Hit “Apply”
7. You’ll see the total cost is now $99 and finish the purchase process

Who Should Attend:
*Anyone who wants to attain or maintain good health
*Anyone with issues of toxicity or congestive/inflammatory problems
*Anyone who is willing to work to experience positive health changes

This Path to Health will provide you with:
*A method for lifelong health and quality aging
*A way to have consistent energy in your daily life
*Help in treating many medical problems and preventing degenerative disease

CLEAN UP YOUR ACT for a Productive, Vital Autumn – be prepared for the health challenges of the Holiday season and move into a Healthy 2019!

Seasonal Eating

Dr. Elson Haas
written by
Dr. Elson Haas

Jun 13, 2018

Those of you who are familiar with my work over the years know that a seasonal approach to health in general and seasonal eating in particular are two of my core health messages. It is something I recommend to my patients and something that I have practiced myself for more than 40 years.

I believe this really is one key to Staying Healthy so I am happy to have been included in a recent article on this topic by Elizabeth Millard that appears in the June issue of Experience L!fe online magazine.

This is a nice introduction to the subject – check it out HERE

If you don’t already know about my book Staying Healthy with the Seasons, which was first published in 1981 and revised in 2003, then you can learn more about it HERE. You will find chapters on each of the 5 seasons – yes, there are 5 seasons and elements in the Traditional Chinese Medicine model that is the main subject of the book. How are these ancient ideas about health still relevant and useful to us today?

I have also gathered all my articles and tips on Seasonal Health and seasonal eating under their own heading in the HEALTH ARTICLES section of this website.  Also look for my upcoming series of online classes on Seasonal Detox which will begin this Fall. If you haven’t done so already then please conisder signing up for my monthly eNews so you will be informed when these classes begin.

Stay Healthy!