Who is Dr. Elson Haas?

A pioneer in NEW Medicine and one of the “Fathers of Integrated Medicine,“ he shares his treatment philosophy and what he has learned from 40 years of medical practice.

5 Keys to Staying Healthy

Each component of your lifestyle has a positive or negative impact on your health. We examine five interconnected keys that can greatly improve the quality of your overall wellbeing.

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The saying is true - you are what you eat and assimilate! Nutrition provides your body with fuel to promote growth, maintenance, health, and all vital functions.

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A sedentary lifestyle is hazardous to your health. Your commitment to physical activity is one of the most important facilitators of healthy living.

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Your stress-management techniques should always contribute to your greater emotional and physical health - change your circumstances or change your responses! Learn to not react, but respond.

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During sleep, the entire body restores itself - your immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems. Everyone's individual sleep needs are different, but your mental and physical health benefit when you get plenty of rest!

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No matter what conditions you may experience, you can adjust your attitude to promote positive change and increase the quality of your health. Often, a change in attitude is the first and most important step towards improving your wellbeing. Love yourself and care for your body - it's the only one you have!

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Children’s Health Education

Reaching children as early as possible; a vital aspect of healthcare.

Staying Healthy with the Seasons

Nature affects not only the outside climate but our internal health and mental well-being. When it was first published in 1981, “Staying Healthy With the Seasons” revolutionized the fields of preventive and integrated medicine, and introduced a seasonal approach to nutrition, disease prevention and mind-and-body fitness.

The book works to combine Western and Eastern medicines with seasonal nutrition, herbology and exercise practices, providing the keys to staying healthy from spring through winter.

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Using the Body's Biofeedback System

Our bodies feature a marvelous biofeedback system. Learning how to pay attention and listen can tell us when something is wrong and guide our efforts to heal problems when they occur. Symptoms and disease are messages of imbalance - addressing the Five Keys to Staying Healthy can resolve many issues.

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