Elson Haas, MD
written by
Elson Haas, MD

Jan 01, 2020


Your health starts with you! And this begins with how you think about your health and the words you tell yourself in the depths of your own mind. That’s where resolutions and affirmations have power.

As the core of my 5 Keys to Staying Healthy, ATTITUDE is essential to how we approach our self-care. We can heal so much if we don’t undermine ourselves with negative self-talk, but focus instead on loving and supportive mind messages. That’s a good place to start, and yet, there’s also NUTRITION, of course, then EXERCISE, STRESS reduction, and quality SLEEP, making up my 5 Keys to Staying Healthy.

Your personal resolutions are focused on your own specific life and ideally are both visionary and practical, specific and achievable. Consider these tips, which cover a wide array of life activities, and of course, add some of your own!

10 Health Resolutions for the New Year

1. Life Plan: Make caring for your health a priority in your life. I do! My other top priorities are caring for others in my world and doing a quality job in my work. Consider what your life priorities are.

2. Nutrition: Eat a balanced diet of wholesome foods for your weight and body type to maintain or achieve an optimum level of energy. Please be specific with what you know are your good foods for you, to include and those you might avoid, at least temporarily to see if you feel better on your health; or consider doing an elimination diet.

3. Personal Habits: Identify 3-4 nutrition habits you want to change or maintain this year. Since I have struggled with my own weight (because I just love food), here are my personal nutrition resolutions:

* I drink plenty of good, clean water, at least two quarts daily.

* I focus my diet around vegetables, which are nutritious and low in calories.

* I chew my food well. By eating more slowly, I feel more satisfied and nourished with less food ,and experience better digestion.

*after nightfall, I eat minimally, or not at all, and ideally eat my main nutritious meals at breakfast, at midday, or by 6pm.

What are your best health approaches? Most likely you have a keen sense of what keeps you going and know what triggers you. Start there!

4. Fitness: Find and maintain the right exercise program for your body to stay (or get) fit and trim, and stick with it to promote flexibility, strength, and endurance for life. What’s your best workout plan?

5. Detox: Be aware of your food and substance weaknesses and abuses such as sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, and I take steps to avoid them, or use them sparingly. The period from January into the warmer Spring time months is ideal for detoxification, depending on your climate and body warmth. Consider taking some time away from the foods you may have indulged in during the holidays.

6. Sleep: Allow yourself enough sleep to rest your body nightly, thus recharging your batteries and supporting your immune strength to protect you from illness. If you don’t currently sleep well, look at your sleep hygiene as well as consider natural remedies before turning to sleeping pills.

7. Supplements: Take appropriate nutritional and herbal supplements for your body’s ideal function and health. Popular ones these days probiotics, vitamin D, omega-3 oils, magnesium, and vitamins C and the various Bs. What do you believe you need? Consider a consultation with an expert to help you assess your health and decide what natural supplements might be best for you.

8. Attitude: Maintain an attitude of health in caring for and loving your body so that you will follow healthy habits year around. Your body is your only lifelong possession, so treat it in a loving way. A key to good health is attitude. How is yours? How can you improve it?

9. Stress: I pay attention to your emotions and stresses, and continue to develop non-aggressive ways to express your feelings and let go of stress and inner conflicts. If you have anxieties about your life, learn some ways to de-stress and relax your body and mind. This will also help sleep most likely and support better daily energy.

10. Relationships: Ask others, especially loved ones and co-workers, what they need from you and do what you can to support them. Likewise, I let them know what you need as appropriate to each life situation. In other words, care for others and allow them to care for you. How can you improve your personal and professional relationships?

Wishing good health for you and your loved ones in the coming year