Dr. Elson Haas
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Dr. Elson Haas

Aug 25, 2020

I am very pleased to announce the ALL Seasons Health Program – a new online course that started on  Saturday, Sept. 26th. It’s still not to late to join the Autumn session that runs for 11 weeks. You’ll have access to the recordings of both my 9/26 class and the 9/12 class on Late Summer and the Doyo, plus all the support materials, study guides, guided meditations and more.

This course will be based on my popular book – Staying Health with the Seasons – which is now celebrating its 4oth year in print. I will guide you through each season using my integration of Natural, Eastern and Western therapeutic approaches.

We’ll use the 5 Element-Season system of Traditional Chinese Medicine as our guide and align its insights with my 5 Keys to Staying Healthy to create a practical day-to-day approach to improved health.

I invite you to join us. LEARN MORE – REGISTER HERE


This is a timely message given the unprecedented demands that the Covid-19 pandemic is making on our physical and emotional health, as well as our social, political and economic structures. Now more than ever we need experienced guidance, ongoing engagement and mutual support to protect and nurture ourselves and others. This can be a difference maker for our health.


Seasonal-Elemental Health is also a timeless message common to many cultures. TCM itself dates back thousands of years, as does Ayurveda, and in the West the 4 Elements were fundamental to the ancient Greeks: Hippocrates, sometimes called the “Father of Modern Medicine,” stated:

Whoever wishes to investigate medicine should proceed thus: in the first place consider the seasons of the year and what effect each of them produces.

 Since 1980 I have been following these health guidelines in my personal life as well as offering them to my patients at Preventive Medical Center of Marin with great success and consistent, positive results. I won’t just be teaching this class, I’ll be participating in it along with you. I hope you’ll join me on this healing journey.

Together we will follow Nature’s cycles, month by month, using the Chinese 5 Element system as our guide and connect with the 5 Keys to Staying Healthy from my most recent book Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine so you will have a clear template for improved health and creative lifestyle change. The course will also include an optional 2-week seasonal detox program.

You can join for one season or the whole year – here’s what you’ll get each season

  • 3 live webinars with Dr. Haas including Q&A
  • 14-day Seasonal Detox including 2 additional webinars
  • Seasonal workbook-study guide
  • Digital copy of Staying Healthy with New Medicine
  • Private Facebook group
  • Email contact and support


As always – Stay Healthy

Dr Elson