Dr. Elson Haas
written by
Dr. Elson Haas

Feb 25, 2021

A Classic in the field of Integrative Medicine
That’s what Dr. Andy Weil said about Dr. Haas’ first book, Staying Healthy with the Seasons that was published in 1981 and is celebrating 40 years in print this Spring!

What makes this book a classic? It’s both informational and artistic, timeless and timely.

This unique book (whose lovely cover art is featured above) integrates many health systems and lifestyle activities connected to the Seasons and the Chinese 5 Elements, combining Eastern and Western Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation, Herbal Medicines, and much more related to energy and healing.

To mark this 40th anniversary Dr. Haas offering a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY to everyone who signs up for the Spring session of his ALL Seasons Health Program which is based on the book.

This 9 week course began on Saturday April 3rd when he talked about the importance of Seasonal Health and what you can do to align with the revitalizing energy of Spring for optimal well being; so important now as we begin to emerge from a year of Covid restrictions and stress.

NOT TO LATE TP JOIN THE COURSE! Recordings of the first class will be available


“Seasons” was and is an eclectic, metaphysical yet practical book about what you can do, year round and day to day to improve your health. The past pandemic year has shown us the importance of this kind of preventive, proactive self care, so although the book is 40 years old it is really more useful now that ever.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to align with the changing energy of the Seasons to improve your health
  • How to  do a 14 day Spring Cleanse
  • Useful Nutritional guidance to support and enhance your health
  • Helpful guided seasonal meditation which you can use to attune to the season’s energy
  • And much more