written by
Elson Haas, MD

Jun 19, 2015

The updated 21st century edition of this encyclopedic work by Dr. Elson Haas (with Dr. Buck Levin) presents an improved and expansive look at health and nutrition. After decades of practical experience and scientific research, Haas and Levin have compiled all of their findings into this encyclopedic volume. This version features expanded chapters on special supplements, life stage programs and breakthrough medical treatment for fatigue, viral illnesses, weight management, and mental and mood disorders such as anxiety, ADHD and depression.

The book is broken up into four key parts. Part one gives details of “the building blocks” of nutrition: water, proteins, fats and oils, minerals, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Part two discusses foods and diets around the world with their strengths and weaknesses. Part three shows readers how to make wise and common sense choices while building a healthy diet by bringing all of the nutritional information together. The fourth and final part of the book presents strategies to enhance all stages of life through nutritional and lifestyle therapies.