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Summer Exercise

Exercise is an important key for good health all year round, but especially relevant during summertime when we can be more active. This is the season to play outdoors! Get out there and lighten up!

What is the Doyo?

The Doyo is a unique part of the annual cycle within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn more about how we can align with the energy of the changings easons as the start of summer approaches on June 20th

Summer Light

Ideas about integrating Eastern and Western medicine for optimal health from the book Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Elosn Haas MD.

Introducing NEW Medicine Solutions

I am very happy to introduce a new series called NEW Medicine Solutions where I offer practical approaches to the prevention and treatment of many common health conditions based on my 50 years of medical practice.

Healthy Aging for Men

What I see in many of my male patients over 40-50 years old, is they may be experiencing low energy in various forms. Learn what can be done to treat these symptoms using Integrative Medicine.

Fair Fighting

Our interpersonal relationships can be a major source of stress when they get out of balance. Knowing how to handle conflict with others is an important skill.

10 Tips for Healthy Travels & Summer Fun

Summer is the time for travel plus all the fun that comes with new experiences and places, but it can also create challenges for our health

10 Tips to Honor Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and we focus on what we can do to foster the health of our planet.

Working with the Moon

Most of us in the modern use a solar calendar, but attuning to the phases of the moon can be powerful creative process.

The Importance of Centering

It is vital for our overall health to find ways to settle and balance ourselves in the midst of sometimes chaotic circumstances. Centering is a key part of my own daily health program.

Energy Medicine

Healing is a journey on all levels of our being, not just the physical, but also emotional, mental and spiritual. The common theme is ENERGY and energy flow; inner and outer; visible and invisible; the microcosm and the macrocosm. As we understand more about our connectedness and our uniqueness, we can learn to manifest our optimal health and deepest potential.

Evolutionary Healing Class – recording available

This is the second free introduction to my Evolutionary Healing Course - where I will teach about the more subtle and meta-physical aspects of health and healing. Recording now available.

10 Tips for Enhanced Immunity

With continuing concern over COVID-19, I have put together these 10 Tips for immune support and preventing viral infections. I hope you find them helpful. I have also put together posts offering stress reduction tips and other resources for these challenging times.

Have Fun Sprouting!

Growing sprouts of all kinds indoors is a great way to add fresh chlorophyll plus protein, vitamins and minerals to your diet in addition to what you're already getting fromthe fresh, leafy green veggies in your garden or at your local farmers’ market.

Rethinking Patriotism for Planet Earth

With the July 4th holiday, our thoughts turn to what it means to be a citizen of the U.S.A. and I have been thinking about a broader meaning for patriotism than loyalty or devotion to a single country.

On the cover of Woman’s World, again!

This is the second year in a row that I've been featured on the cover of Woman's World. It is great to share my Integrative Medicine message, including simple, but highly beneficial approaches to detox, with supermarket shoppers across the country!

NEW Medicine Class Video

The video of my free online class in July about integrating Natural, Eastern and Western approaches for optimal health is now available on YouTube.

Staying Healthy in Troubled Times Video

The video of my free class in June, called Staying Healthy in Troubled Times, is now up on Youtube.

Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Resources

Even if we are not impacted by the disease itself most of us are experiencing periods of stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Chronic stress - persistent and continuous - is its own health threat, but fortunately there are lots of excellent stress management resources online and many of them are free right now. Please send us your suggestions.

How to Regain Your Natural Energy

If you want to Regain Your Natural Energy then first address Stimulation Sedation Syndrome: it's a term I have coined to describe the way many people live in our modern society—using stimulating and sedating substances to manage their moods and energy—often resulting in chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

Winter Detox Online

It's still not too late to sign up for Winter Detox 2021. January is an excellent time to reset your body after the Holidays. Please join me for this 2 week healing journey.

What is NEW Medicine?

NEW Medicine is a unique combination of Natural, Eastern and Western approaches to optimal health developed and refined over the last 40 years by pioneering integrative physician Elson Haas MD.

The “N” of NEW – Natural Medicine

Before modern medicine, Nature was all we had to rely upon to heal us and we sometimes forget that even with all our amazing scientific advances it is still the body's natural ability to heal that underlies all medicine

The “E” of NEW – Eastern Medicine

The best known form of Eastern Medicine is Traditional Chinese Medicine and my discovery and study of this ancient healing system back in the 1970's was a key to understanding a truly integrative approach to healing that I now call NEW Medicine.

The “W” of NEW – Western Medicine

This is the form of medicine that we are familiar with in the US and most modern societies. It has brought unprecedented benefits in diagnosis and treatment for many diseases that have plagued humankind for centuries. Yet, like many other scientific advances, it has its limts and its dangers.

How to be the Best Patient

Let's explore what it takes to the the best patient you can be so you can get the most from your Patient-Doctor relationship

What to look for in your Doctor-Patient Relationship

The relationship we have with our doctor, or primary care provider, is key to taking responsibility for our health care. Here are the 11 qualities that I think are essential to an ideal Doctor-Patient Relationship.

Is Cuba’s healthcare better than ours at 1/10th the cost?

Cuba's per capita cost for health care is just over $800 per year while in the US it is over $9,400, yet the two countries have almost identical rankings in the World Health Organization’s assessment of health outcomes.