Category: Children’s Books

Blimps & Whales

This book presents its readers with an unconventional friendship between a blimp and a whale. The story relates a simple expression of cooperation and sharing between unlikely companions as it conveys a message of love between those who are different from one another, all while promoting the protection of our delicate natural world. [button button="Show me more" url="/products/"]

Count Broccula

Eat your vegetables before they eat you! Join a little boy named Albert in this not-so-scary adventure as he overcomes his fear of eating vegetables, especially broccoli! [button button="Show me more" url="/products/"]

Anatomix Comix

Initially performed for children’s theater throughout California, this fun, educational and interactive comic book teaches kids about the human body and how to keep it healthy -- physically and emotionally. Each body system and 'spare part' is paired with a catchy song that children love to sing along with and learn from! [button button="Show me more" url="/products/"]