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Caring for our children and helping them grow healthy and strong is clearly one of the most important goals for any parent. Knowing that the lifestyle choices we make and the actions we take strongly influence our healthy outcomes, parents can guide and model this wisdom for their children.

Nutrition is a good place to start; eating vital fresh food is essential while limiting the so-called “treats” — candy, cookies and other baked goods, ice cream and other sweets, chips and fries, and more. At best, 80-90% of our diet should be living foods, mostly packaged from nature—fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, buts and seeds, and beans. We are making healthy choices when we enjoy real, unprocessed foods.

Of course, learning to communicate well about our feelings, while being respectful of those around us, is another way to nourish our children and a way to keep our stress levels low. When we are treated with love, respect and have parental support as children, we more easily develop a positive outlook on life, and that often translates into how we care for our body. Proper sleep and exercise round out the 5 Keys To Staying Healthy and even though children can get away with a bit more lifestyle “indiscretions” than aging adults, their habits influence their health and how frequently they may become ill, even at a young age.

It’s never too early to learn about and put into practice the 5 Keys To Staying Healthy. That’s Dr. Elson’s view as a long-time preventive medicine physician and also as the playful, wise kid’s doctor known as “Dr. Sun“. With his creative team he has put these ideas into action in schools and public performances, as well as creating several books and for children, including Anatomix Comix (a CD and songbook about the body systems), Blimps and Whales, and Count Broccula. For more information about these books please email us at
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