Seasonal Health is Key

Aligning our lifestyle with the changing energy of the seasons is one the core principles of my health and healing practice. I have explored this material extensively in my bestselling book - Staying Healthy with the Seasons - now celebrating 40 years in print. In this ongoing course I will use the 5 Season-Element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a foundation for exploring multiple ways we can adapt our lifestyle choices to embrace change and improve our health.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page for details about my Seasonal Detox courses which are included in the ALL Seasons Program but can also be taken as a stand alone course.

The Next Octave of Staying Healthy

I practice what I teach. I personally follow the health guidelines that I have been offering my patients for the last 40 years. This began with Staying Healthy with the Seasons and continues to this day. In my most recent book - Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine - I take my integration of Natural, Eastern and Western therapies to the next level. The ALL Seasons Program combines these insights into a practical day-to-day approach utilizing my 5 KEYS to STAYING HEALTHY.
  • Courses participants will receive a free digital copy of this book.

Seasonal Detox included

I am very happy to be sharing these proven and practical healing modalities.

  • I have personally done detox and cleansing programs several times every year since 1975 when I did my first juice fast, which really transformed my health and my view of healing. These 14 day cleanses are part of ALL Seasons Health Program or you can participate in them as stand alone classes – see more below.
  • There will also be a self-guided (evergreen) version of the Detox, which you can follow at your own pace and in your own time, if you can't join the in-person sessions.

  • ALL SEASONS Health Program SUMMER module began on June 26 and runs for 9 weeks until August 28th. Click the box below for details about this course based on the book Staying Healthy with the Seasons.
  • My online 14 day Seasonal SUMMER CLEANSE began on Saturday, July 10th. You can learn more and sign up at

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