What is False Fat?

In this course I explain the many ways our body can react adversely to certain foods and the great variety of health problems caused by such allergic reactions and sensitivities. This includes swelling and bloating that looks and feels like fat, but isn't. These food reactions are much more common than we might expect and often go unrecognized, especially when they are delayed.

I will introduce you to a proven, self-guided program that helps you to identify your particular reactive foods and eliminate them. I also show you how to create an individual eating plan as the foundation for better health.

A Proven Program

The course is based on my popular book The False Fat Diet, written with Cameron Strauth. I call it "False Fat" because many of us carry a surprising amount of extra "weight" that is actually bloating and swelling caused by our body's reaction to certain foods. Once we identify and eliminate these foods we can lose that weight in addition to feeling better overall. Then, with the appropriate diet, you can also lose some true fat.

During this course you will learn about:

  • The Detox Phase - when you cleanse your body of reactive foods.
  • Supplements and Nutrients that support the detox process.
  • The False Fat Week - when your bloating and swelling begin to subside. Some of my patients have lost 10 lbs during this phase.
  • The Balance Program - your customized eating plan that returns your metabolism to normal, which is the basis for further weight loss and better health.

You Can Begin Today!

The Sensitive Seven

Food reactions and sensitivities typically occur from the foods we eat most often. In fact, we often crave these very same foods. They are also among those most commonly available in our society. I call them The Sensitive Seven and they are:

  • Wheat/gluten
  • Cow's milk/dairy
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Peanuts

By following the healing dietary and supplement programs detailed in the No More False Fat Course, you can help uncover your specific reactions and your individual needs. This personalized nutritional program is one key to optimal health.


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