Summer is the ideal time to Detox

Dr. Haas has called detoxification "the missing link in western nutrition." He has led group cleanse programs for many years at his clinic in Northern California and has guided thousands of patients through the process with great success.

Now he brings all this experience to this self guided online course that includes three video webinars and extensive support materials to help you create your own personalized seasonal detox plan.

A Proven Program

Dr. Haas is the author of The Detox Diet where introduces several different approaches such as the Master Cleanse as well as guidelines for a smoothie based detox and juice cleanses, so you can customize your plan to your situation and body type. During this course you will learn about:
  • The Master Cleanse program
  • How to prepare for your Detox - includes planning tools, shopping list and recipes.
  • Supplements and Nutrients that support the detox process.
  • How to identify troublesome food reactions - as you let go of habitual foods you have the chance to see if they are in fact causing your body to react negatively.

cover of the book The Detox Diet
photo of Dr. Elson Haas

A Proven Guide

Dr. Haas has done Spring Cleanses every year since 1975 so he understands personally the ins and outs, ups and downs of the process. You won't find a better guide and you'll get lots of useful tools, such as:
  • How to Make Your Plan
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Juice and Smoothie Detox plans
  • Spring Recipes for Transition
  • Ideas for your Long Term Health Plan
  • AND a unique 16 page pdf extract from the Detox Diet

  • By following this healing program you can give your body the break it needs. Personalizing your detox is the key to success and creating optimal health.

    Don't miss this opportunity!

    Summer is an ideal time to cleanse. With the longer, warmer days we are often eating lighter anyway with lots of fruits and salads so it's easier to trannsition to a simple healing detox.

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