Nutrition is the Cornerstone of Health

  • Staying Healthy with Nutrition is the title of my 1000+ page "Food Encyclopedia" and I wrote it because healthy eating is one the core principles of my healing practice. I have explored this material extensively throughout my career as an integrative physician, treating thousands of patients.
  • This Autumn I am offering a 4 week course on weight loss, based on my 50 years of medical practice, because so many people, myself included, have put on a few extra pounds during this long pandemic experience.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page for details about my WEIGHT RELEASE Evergreen course that is now available.
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    Exploring the "WHY" of weight issues

  • In theory we should have more control over what we eat than almost any area of our lives, and most of us already know what constitutes healthy eating, so WHY do we keep making the unhealthy lifestyle choices that lead to unwanted weight?
  • It is valuable to know WHAT to do for weight loss and HOW to do it, and I'll share information on that, but what we really need to do is discover and address the PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL factors that underlie our choices and habits.

    My Co-presenters: Janara Iman and Tara West

    I am very happy to be be joined by these two remarkable healing experts in presenting this course.

    • JANARA IMAN has been part of the team at my clinic, the Preventive Medical Center of Marin, for over 10 years and she will bring her wealth of experience as a clinical nutritionist to our exploration of this importnat topic.
    • TARA WEST is another long time colleague and as a licensed hypnotherapist she will bring a new and exciting dimension to our journey together, exploring guided imagery and our deeper motivations.
    photo of nutritionist Janara Iman and hypnotist Tara West

    • The in-erson version of the WEIGHT RELEASE Program began on October 2nd and will run for 4 weeks with three live webinars. The self-paced evergreen version will be available soon. Click the box below for more details about the course.

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