announcement of the Global Detox Summit featuring Dr. Haas 2019
Dr. Elson Haas
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Dr. Elson Haas

Jan 21, 2019

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Each year, an estimated 1.2 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the air & water in the United States alone, with approximately 80,000 different chemicals. Less than 10% have had any safety evaluations.

Fortunately, there are things that can be done to limit exposure to chemicals, reduce their negative impact on health and remove them from the body

I am pleaed to invite you to join me at the Detox Global Summit Online which begins Monday, January 28th, and there is no cost to attend.

For 20+ years, my colleagues, Dr. Kurt Woeller and Terri Hirning, have worked both personally and professionally on researching and implementing the proven strategies to support optimal wellness through detoxification. 

Detoxification can be extremely supportive whether you are facing a health challenge or you just want to lead your healthiest life possible. So they have gathered over twenty-five leading experts, including myself, to present the science of detox and steps you can take to help detoxify your mind, body, and home.

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On January 28th I will be talking about Detox as the missing link in western nutrition.

And some of the other topics and speakers include:
“Three Most Powerful Elements of Effective Detox” with Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO
“A Discussion on the Pillars of Health” with Chef Pete Evans
“Functional Medicine Testing For Toxicity and Chronic Health Problems” with Dr. Kurt Woeller, DO

The strategies you will learn are science-backed approaches that are effective at supporting your body in optimal detoxification.

This summit is unique because it focuses in on all aspects of your health – including your thoughts and your home and work environment, not just your body – and is a cohesive educational event. Each conversation will leave you with actionable takeaways you can try at home, research further, or ask your physician about.

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I look forward to seeing you at the summit.

Dr. Elson Haas