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Elson Haas, MD

Sep 28, 2016

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Staying Healthy

Autumn 2016

book-elson_haas-staying_healthy_with_new_medicineAs many of you probably know, my first book Staying Healthy with the Seasons, which was initially published in 1981 (updated in 2004), presented an integration of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Concepts and Seasonal Cycles, with today’s Western Medical approach.

For the last 35 years I have continued to emphasize the importance of this practical and natural approach to health. It also plays a central role in my latest book – Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine: Integrating Natural, Eastern and Western Approaches for Optimal Health, which I discuss in more detail on my website – elsonhaasmd.com/new-medicine-class-video/.

Attuning to each part of the year and making appropriate lifestyle changes is key, but the ancient Chinese system also focuses on the time between the seasons – known as the Doyo. This is the period 10 days before and 10 days after each solstice and equinox, when we begin to adapt and make the appropriate changes to step forward into the new season, often with subtle shifts in our diet, exercise program, sleep, and work. Do-Yo literally means “All Have” and these 20-day periods contain a little of each element.

These transition times might even be considered “stress” points when we should tune in and prepare for the shifts in energy and season. For example, we have often some extra heat in our current Late Summer transition, plus some cooling in the later day and night along with dryness in Nature. This stresses the body’s elemental balance and can cause dry mucus in the lungs, low level coughs, or susceptibility to colds, as the body tries to eliminate mucus and coldness to help protect from the coming colder climate.


autumnThis year the Fall Equinox falls on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 7:21 am PDT so now’s the time to consider what lifestyle changes to make as Autumn arrives.

Autumn is the Getting Ready Season! It’s also a challenging time of the year to Stay Healthy. The shift to shorter days and colder nights can make this the toughest transition of the year for many of us. So September and the first part of October are a good time for dietary discrimination and detox – taking a break. Try reducing, or eliminating, your daily consumption of Sugar, Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine, and Chemicals – I call this taking a SNACC Break. Check it out and see and see how you feel.

This is also Harvest time. In my neighborhood that means bushels of apples and grapes, plus corn, zucchini, hard squashes, and getting ready for Pumpkin Time. Oh, and that, of course, signals “Sugar Time” and the holidays just around the corner. Lots to think about!


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