Elson Haas, MD
written by
Elson Haas, MD

May 19, 2018

For many years my partner’s family, the Kraffts, have been connected to and been raising money for orphanages in various developing countries. These orphanages were established in Honduras in 1985, Haiti in ’87, Nicaragua in 1994, Guatemala in ’96, El Salvador in ’99, and then Dominican Republic in 2003, Peru in 2004, and finally Bolivia in 2009.

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the charitable organization called Our Little Brothers and Sisters (OLB&S) by the Krafft family, who have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for orphanages since 1968, initially for one they connected with run by Father Wasson in Mexico (founded 1954) called Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, known now as NPH International. You can learn more about NPH here – https://www.nphusa.org/history/

Early on the Kraffts went to Europe and found, after some challenges, that there was an avid support system for donations in many countries that included England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. NPH International currently has offices in those countries, and the Europeans help to fund all the orphanages to this day.

It was also the 15th anniversary of the founding the NPH orphanage in the Dominican Republic and I was fortunate enough have the opportunity to travel with the family to mark this auspicious event, to visit the orphanage and see how well the children there are treated. Our next stop would be Haiti where we visited other charitable institutions supported by the Kraffts.

That’s in my next blog!