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The Detox Diet

The third edition of Dr. Elson Haas’ popular book, The Detox Diet aims to provide help for individuals who want to improve their health and lower their reliance on medications. The Detox Diet provides solutions for people who answer “yes” to questions like, “Do you overeat? Do you consume caffeine and sugar to get through the day? Do you experience constipation, heartburn or indigestion?” and many others. The third edition serves up fifty delicious and satisfying recipes, a variety of fasting and juice-cleansing options and designed menu plans to help individuals suffering with SNACC habits - Sugar, Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine or Chemical sensitivities. In addition to the subjects discussed in past editions, Dr. Elson Haas has added a new chapter dedicated exclusively to teens. This section provides simple detox activities and guidelines for dealing with weight and blood sugar issues, eating disorders, body image concerns and substance abuse. The new section also includes a fast-food replacement chart, a modified juice-cleansing program for teens and detox directions that help teens maintain essential proteins.

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