Elson Haas, MD
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Elson Haas, MD

Jun 30, 2015

SAN RAFAEL, CA (March 13, 2017) – Elson Haas, MD, a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine has released his latest work, Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine – Integrating Natural, Eastern and Western Approaches for Optimal Health. To date, Dr. Haas has authored 10 books in the fields of health, nutrition and detoxification and this new title completes his Staying Healthy Trilogy that began with Staying Healthy with the Seasons (1981, 2004), and continued with Staying Healthy with Nutrition (1992, 2006). He is also the author of The Detox Diet (1994, 2012) and Ultimate Immunity (2015).

“These titles have sold consistently in the decades since their release – I’ve filled them with the knowledge I’ve amassed from 40 years of private practice and teachings. My dream is that they’ll be used to empower people towards proactive health, prevent disease, and better the state of health care in the United States.”

Dr. Haas’ books reveal the basic links between our health and our lifestyle choices. “Ideally, people should be able to care for themselves and only visit doctors in cases of serious illness, emergency, or for regular check-ups and lab tests,” explains Dr. Haas. “When people take personal responsibility for their health and a long-term view of their minds and bodies, waiting rooms could become a thing of the past!”

Dr. Haas practices a unique model of natural health care called “Integrative Family Medicine.” This philosophy blends holistic and alternative techniques (which are now part of mainstream, integrative medical practice) drawn from the best of both Eastern and Western techniques and therapies. He educates his patients to stay healthy by keeping in tune with the natural seasonal cycles, proposing an approach that encourages “lifestyle first, natural therapies next, drugs last.”

Dr. Haas received his medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed his internship at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA. He studied many healing modalities to develop his unique blend of medicine before founding Preventive Medical Center of Marin (PMCM) in San Rafael, CA, which remains an active Bay Area practice, and Seasons Studios, his education product development company.

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