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Dr. Elson Haas
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Dr. Elson Haas

Apr 07, 2020

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Hi everyone,

We are all sharing unprecedented challenges during this pandemic and the longer it lasts the more important it is to find resources that support us on many levels. Here is an initial list of some sites we have found helpful or amusing online, or that others have shared with us. We hope you’ll send us your suggestions so we can continue to build this list. I’ve put together a separate post with Stress Management and Mindfulness links.

Stay Healthy and Safe

Dr. Elson


What to Put in A Covid-19 Home Care kit – Wall St. Journal


57 minute video Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in NYC, where they are treating only COVID-19 patients, explains to his family on a Zoom call how to stay safe.


Covid Cleaning for your Home



YouTube – Stay Home #With Me – videos collected under various headings like Dance with Me, Cook with Me, Draw with Me, etc.

Learn at Home for Kids A resource for kids of different ages and interests

Museums – virtual visits

Monterey Bay Aquarium webcams


Virtual Concerts

Free Opera streaming

And just for fun!

Disney – It’s a Small World