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On the Cover of Woman’s World

I have been featured in Woman's World several times over the years so I am happy to be contributing to the publication again. The issue dated August 26th featured me on the cover with a two page article inside about detox focussed on liver cleansing.

Recent Press & Influencer mentions

Check out a new blog page that summarizes all recent articles and posts that mention or include me and my healing work. It is updated regularly and you can also read each article directly from the blog.

Staying Healthy with New Medicine

Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine presents the integration of Natural, Eastern, and Western medicines that offers a clearer insight into many crucial factors affecting health and healing than any one system does alone. Moving people into the positive aspects of the ‘Disease-Health Continuum’ with better energy, vitality and creativity, helping to create positive actions for our planet and for human beings in general. The chapter called “Understanding Causes” is especially important for those interested in improving their wellbeing and experiencing ‘Healthy Aging’. And The 5 Keys to Staying Healthy are developed more deeply in Chapter 3. [button button="Show me more" url="/products/"]

Ultimate Immunity

If you think your immune system only fights off colds and the flu, think again! It is, in fact, a highly complex, protective and intelligent system that can bolster health and healing from head to toe. A number of factors like your diet, lifestyle, past illnesses, medications you take or the toxins and people you interact with on a daily basis, can all throw your immune system off balance. This can result in possible serious health conditions and excessive inflammation that worsens allergies and pain. Don't panic: you can feed, nourish and teach your immune system to work better, which will result in lifelong health. In Ultimate Immunity, expert doctors, Elson Haas and Sondra Barrett, guide you through a unique plan aimed at balancing, amplifying and managing your immune health. [button button="Show me more" url="/products/"]

Anatomix Comix

Initially performed for children’s theater throughout California, this fun, educational and interactive comic book teaches kids about the human body and how to keep it healthy -- physically and emotionally. Each body system and 'spare part' is paired with a catchy song that children love to sing along with and learn from! [button button="Show me more" url="/products/"]

ELSON HAAS MD releases his latest book, “STAYING HEALTHY with NEW MEDICINE.”

Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine is the latest book from Elson Haas MD. It completes the Staying Healthy Trilogy that began 30 years ago with Staying Healthy with the Seasons and Staying Healthy with Nutrition. This book sums up what Elson has learned over his 40 year career as a pioneer of integrative medicine.

The Detox Diet

Aims to provide help for individuals who want to improve their own health and lower their reliance on medications. With fifty delicious and satisfying recipes, a variety of fasting and juice-cleansing options, and more, "The Detox Diet" provides a complete guide to this important healing practice. [button button="Show me more" url="/products/"]

Staying Healthy with the Seasons

Nature affects not only the outside climate but our internal health and mental well-being. When it was first published in 1981, "Staying Healthy With the Seasons" revolutionized the fields of preventive and integrated medicine, and introduced a seasonal approach to nutrition, disease prevention and mind-and-body fitness. The book works to combine Western and Eastern medicines with seasonal nutrition, herbology and exercise practices, providing the keys to staying healthy from spring through winter. [button button="Show me more" url="/products/" ]

Staying Healthy With Nutrition

Presents an improved look at health and nutritional medicine. After decades of practical experience and scientific research, Haas and Levin have compiled all of their findings into this encyclopedic volume. Expanded chapters on special supplements, life stage programs and more. The book is broken up into four key parts, "the building blocks" of nutrition, foods and diets around the world, building a healthy diet and strategies to enhance all stages of life. [button button="Show me more" url="/products/" target="_blank"]