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What is the Doyo?

The Doyo is a unique part of the annual cycle within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn more about how we can align with the energy of the changings easons as the start of summer approaches on June 20th

Summer Light

Ideas about integrating Eastern and Western medicine for optimal health from the book Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Elosn Haas MD.

The Purification Process

Personally, I have been doing various detoxification and cleansing programs for over 40 years and it is a healing approach I offer to many of my patients with very positive results over many years. This article is an overview of my thoughts on this important topic.

Spring Cleansing

Fasting and juice cleansing can be terrific sources of vitality and a great healing tool that removes congestion and toxins, and helps you feel more youthful. Try it with me this Spring!

Working with the Moon

The Chinese year of the Rabbit began with the new moon on January 21st. Most of us use a solar calendar, but attuning to the phases of the moon can be powerful creative process.

Staying Healthy through the Holidays

There's an inherent conflict between the rather hectic pace of the end of year holidays and the natural slowing down that is part of late Autumn. It's also a time when we can easily over-indulge. Here are my tips for thriving through this sometimes challenging Holiday Season.

10 Tips for Summer Health

Our connection with nature and the seasons of the year is a key part of Staying Healthy. Here are my 10 tios for changing your lifestyle activities to align with Summer.

Staying Healthy as the Seasons Change

Being attentive to the cycles of our planet’s seasons and how they affect our life and health is really one of the simple yet key concepts in my integrative medicine philosophy and practice. Maintaining balance during the Summer to Autumn transition can be challenging.

Have Fun Sprouting!

Growing sprouts of all kinds indoors is a great way to add fresh chlorophyll plus protein, vitamins and minerals to your diet in addition to what you're already getting fromthe fresh, leafy green veggies in your garden or at your local farmers’ market.

The Flu and What You Can Do

I talk a lot about seasonal health, but what about seasonal disease? We are now in the midst of the flu season in the US and there are real concerns over the combination of Covid-19 and the regular flu virus. Here are some thoughts about what we can do to protect ourselves.

Staying Healthy in Troubled Times Video

The video of my free class in June, called Staying Healthy in Troubled Times, is now up on Youtube.

10 Tips for Exercise & Fitness

As the weather warms, we start thinking about changing our exercise routine to align with the new season. Here are my 10 Tips for Fitness along with my own weekly exercise schedule as an example of how you might make your own plan.

OMTimes Cover

Check out this issue of OMTimes which features me on the cover and an extensive article on my work.

Winter Detox Online

It's still not too late to sign up for Winter Detox 2021. January is an excellent time to reset your body after the Holidays. Please join me for this 2 week healing journey.

Autumn Detox Online

The transition from Summer to Autumn is an ideal time to consider detoxing. Dr. Haas has been leading 2-3 week seasonal detox programs at his clinic for 40 years and he is now offering this opportunity online. Read on the learn more.

Seasonal Eating

Aligning our eating patterns with the changing of the seasons is one of the main tenets of my health philosophy so I am pleased to be inlcuded in this recent article in Experience Life magazine.

My Seasonal Health Plan

With this natural, seasonal approach you are aligning yourself with the energy of Nature, which is after all the source of all health and healing.

10 Tips on your Heat and your Health

Keeping your body warm can be an important part of staying healthy in the cooler months so use these tips to help you with your personal central heating

A Great Time for Summer Detox

By August, there’s typically a bounty of fruits and vegetables in gardens and at local markets. That bounty includes virtually all of Mother Nature’s best aids in detoxing our bodies and infusing our systems with nutrients to achieve optimal health and an optimal weight

Health Tips For Autumn Newsletter

Staying Healthy Autumn 2016 As many of you probably know, my first book Staying Healthy with the Seasons, which was initially published in 1981 (updated in 2004), presented an integration of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Concepts and Seasonal Cycles, with today’s Western Medical approach. For the last 35 years I have continued to emphasize […]

10 Tips for a Healthy Spring

In this inspiring Spring season, embrace yourself honestly as you look at all of your habits and areas of your own life. These 10 Tips will help you to change those habits and renew

10 Tips for Staying Healthy in Autumn

This is Harvest time and the fortification of our foods and diet are an important focus now as the climate shifts towards the cooler season


January 21 2016, Thursday: Intro, Overview, & Plan (Prepare to begin DETOX/CLEANSE program on January 22-23th) February 2 Tuesday: 10-Day Review & Plan for Transition February 11 Thursday: Progress Update and Review 6:30 to 8 PM (Please arrive early for the First Meeting) 6:30 to 7:30 PM (for all follow-up Meetings) Join Dr. Elson Haas […]

10 Health Resolutions for the New Year

I have promoted a seasonal approach to health since I wrote my first book Staying Healthy with the Seasons in 1981. The New Year gives us a chance to review our health habits and plan to make a positive change. I hope these 10 tips will help you make improve your health in the coming year.

Staying Healthy with the Seasons

Nature affects not only the outside climate but our internal health and mental well-being. When it was first published in 1981, "Staying Healthy With the Seasons" revolutionized the fields of preventive and integrated medicine, and introduced a seasonal approach to nutrition, disease prevention and mind-and-body fitness. The book works to combine Western and Eastern medicines with seasonal nutrition, herbology and exercise practices, providing the keys to staying healthy from spring through winter. [button button="Show me more" url="/products/" ]