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Thanks for the creative shirts!

My son and I bought matching Bones t-shirts. We love them and used them in our matching Halloween costumes this last year. They were a hit! Thanks for the creative shirts Elson!

I feel lucky to have learned from you

I have to say that having worked on your books has really informed a lot of my choices around health as a parent of two happy daughters—I feel lucky to have learned from you.

Practical wisdom from a pioneer in health and healing

This book is essential education for all medical students and physicians, as well as anyone who has ever been (or will become) ill. In ‘NEW Medicine‘ the root causes of health creation and disease causation clearly arise from the practical wisdom and vast experience of this pioneer in health and healing.

Staying Healthy with the Seasons had a profound effect on my career

 I first read ‘Staying Healthy with the Seasons during medical school and it has had a profound effect on my career.