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Elson Haas, MD
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Elson Haas, MD

Jun 08, 2017

Natural Medicine has a long history throughout the world. Before modern medicine, Nature was all we had to rely upon to heal us. Today, this form of health care includes not only the use of appropriate medicines, but it also involves lifestyle, self-care, a nourishing diet, and ideally the guidance of a health practitioner for the use of naturally-based nutritional and herbal supplements.

Natural Medicine means reconnecting with Nature. This includes taking notice of the cycles of life, our local environment, and the changing seasons, as well as learning about the products of Nature and how to use them to rebalance and heal the body while doing no or little potential harm to the body or environment.

Since nourishment is an essential building block of good health, nutritional knowledge and its proper application are the keys to Natural Medicine. Ideally they are an essential part of each person’s self care as well as a part of every primary care practice and training courses for our healthcare providers. My clinic has a knowledgeable nutritionist who specifically counsels and supports patients in regard to dietary changes pertaining to their health conditions. A comprehensive evaluation includes counseling about healthy food shopping and preparation of balanced meals for the individual and family. Ongoing support is essential to ensure that patients can make manageable changes in their eating programs and to help them remain healthfully motivated.