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Dr. Elson Haas
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Dr. Elson Haas

Aug 10, 2019

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In order to Regain your Natural Energy I suggest you first ask yourself if you’re suffering from Stimulation Sedation Syndrome. It’s a term I have coined to describe the way many people live in our modern society—using stimulating and sedating substances to manage their moods and energy—often resulting in fatigue and exhaustion. Maybe you live a pattern similar to this because it is typical of the fast pace of our modern world.

If you want to take steps to address these counterproductive lifestyle habits, I have created an online course called REGAIN YOUR NATURAL ENERGY which you can preview HERE

This is how you might feel if you are suffering from Stimulation Sedation Syndrome:
1. You wake up a little tired and groggy. It’s possible that you didn’t sleep well but you can’t sleep in because you have to get to work and/or get the kids off to school. So you need a little energy boost to get moving in your day. Most likely, you have a cup or two of coffee or stimulating tea, or some caffeinated soft drink. And on the way out the door, you may grab something to eat, and that’s often something sweet (donuts, muffin, etc.)

2. The day looks to be demanding, and your energy comes and goes, so you consume more caffeine and sugar—often in the form of pastries, candy or chocolate, perhaps combined with a soda or one of those so-called “energy drinks” that are loaded with even more caffeine and sugar.

3. Then, in the evening when you get home, you’re tired yet also a bit wired, so you have an alcoholic drink or two to relax, or you may use medical (or recreational) marijuana to calm down. You might even eat a bit too much to settle down, and then you go to bed with a half-full stomach. Perhaps, you use prescription or over-the-counter sleep aids that are plentiful and easily available.

Even with all these uppers and downers, you still experience two of most common health issues of our time—fatigue, either chronic or short-lived, and sleep deprivation from insomnia. You have trouble falling asleep, or toss and turn during the night, then wake up feeling tired and needing caffeine and sugar in the morning—starting the whole vicious cycle all over again!

Does any of this sound familiar? That’s the Stimulation Sedation Syndrome in a nutshell. It’s extremely common – an epidemic in our society, and very possibly in the entire westernized world.

I see patients nationwide and most reveal that they are using daily stimulants and sedatives, even though many of these people are fairly health conscious. We don’t normally think of them as drugs, nor do we talk much about addiction in this context, but these daily habits – especially when maintained over many years – can seriously undermine the foundation of our health.

Are you habits controlling you? If so, it’s time to get a handle on balancing your moods and energy and here’s how:

Step 1: Begin with a simple assessment of your lifestyle habits.
Then create a plan of action to address your consumption of substances and foods that are do not benefit your mind or body. Are you willing to take an honest look at your lifestyle habits, with the idea that this is the most important part of your world to support your health potential?

Step 2: Tackle your Sleep & Take a Break.
Our sleep, or lack of it, is one of the first places we see the results of disrupting our natural energy patterns with stimulants and sedatives. Sleep is a key factor in our overall health — one that is often ignored in deference to getting everything done or to late-night activities, such as TV, computer or phone time. Some reports suggest that over half of Americans experience sleep deprivation with multiple negative health outcomes. These include increased risk for infections, heart disease, depression, impaired cognitive functions, and a greater chance for accidents. Have you imagined what it would it be like if you slept really well and woke up feeling energized with natural excitement for your day—without the need for stimulants? What if you weren’t so stressed at the end of the day and could relax naturally and sleep deeply?

Even just a short break can help you get back to your natural rhythms and energy cycles. The goal is to stay in better harmony with any substance relationship and be aware of how it affects us. It’s possible to use caffeine, alcohol, sugar and/or cannabis in positive ways that support our life and even benefit our health.

Step 3: Imagine energy as your bank account for life.
Health is our greatest wealth. Health is ENERGY! Are you making regular health-and-vitality-enhancing deposits, or just withdrawals that deplete your health assets? Imagine living on your own intrinsic energy and tuning into your real cycles for sleep and daily activities, which includes adapting to the changing seasons. I want you to rediscover this genuine natural energy and vitality that you have the potential to experience!

Step 4: Join my Online Course!
Over the last 40 years treating thousands of patients, I have discovered what works and what doesn’t when you want to make this kind of transition. Successful lifestyle change can be a truly empowering experience.

Here on my website I offer a 7-day guided online course called Regain Your Natural Energy with daily videos and overall support so you can take a break from overused or habitual foods and substances, specifically caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. This process helps you to isolate and clarify what undermining habits are causing problems, and then take action to address them.

It matters what you put in and on your body. Your health starts with you and the lifestyle choices you make every SINGLE day. Regain your Energy, Return to Life!

Check out this video if you’d like more info on the Stimulation Sedation Syndrome: