Integrative Family Physician 40 Years. Author of 11 health books

Dr. Haas approaches diagnosis and treatment with the maxim “Lifestyle first, Natural therapies next, drugs or surgery last.” His unique integration of Natural, Eastern and Western medical approaches, which he calls NEW Medicine, is built on restoring proper body physiology, and supporting healthy cells and tissues in order to promote healing. It recognizes proper nutrition as the cornerstone of health and also includes elimination diets and detoxification practices, often with a seasonal focus.

Dr. Haas has practiced this philosophy for more than 40 years in his work as an integrative family physician, incorporating these practices within an insurance model at his clinic, the Preventive Medical Center of Marin in San Rafael, CA, where he and an extensive team of practitioners and staff have provided care to their patients since 1984.

The origin of the word doctor is the Latin “docere” meaning “to teach” and Elson believes that health education is crucial in helping people become proactive in their journey towards optimal health. He is the author of 11 books on various aspects of integrative healing including the classic Staying Healthy with the Seasons, as well as Staying Healthy with Nutrition, The Detox Diet, The False Fat Diet, Ultimate Immunity and his latest, Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine.

Who is Elson?

The Philosopher-Physician

Dr. Elson Haas’ treatment programs blend concepts and practices from Natural, eastern and Western medicine. They are designed to help people stay healthy by being in tune with nature and her cycles.